The Rules


1. One month build time

You can start your bike on the day that we announce the Dirtbag Challenge, one month before the day of the actual show. Notification will be given here on this website and also on our Facebook page:

2. One thousand dollar budget

This includes the price of the donor bike, all parts, and all work. Yes you could cheat but then you’d be a loser.

3. One hundred miles

On the morning of the show, meet up with the other Dirtbags and ride with us. We will ride at least one hundred miles over every type of road. There probably won’t be a chase vehicle.

4. No Harleys

This is to keep it fair, to give everyone the chance to shine. We like Harleys, we ride Harleys but this is about being different and thinking outside the box.

That’s it, that’s all there is. The rest is up to you, use your brain, we are not your mommy.